Software Engineering

Advanced software made simple.

Bespoke Software Development

We pride ourselves in developing cost effective, custom built software solutions, tailored to your specific business practices and management needs. We follow a whole-istic approach based on User Centred Design and User Experience Principles. We will assist you in identifying, documenting and developing your unique software products for your business needs. From customer management and reporting solutions, to financial or warehousing systems, to full workflow and tracking requirements… We design, spec, develop, test, rollout and support your required solution.

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Off the shelf OEM / Vendor software

Being an OEM partner for major vendors, including Oracle, Microsoft, AWS and IBM, MaH Quests is a trusted reseller for vendor products and services. Our exceptional ERP skills has helped our clients to save on their resources consistently. When it comes to buying a software license, our team of expert software professionals are well aware of which type of license should be bought by your organization based on the nature of activity and operations of your business.

MaH Quests understands that organizations have a tough time to go through the extensive licensing procedure which is also sometimes, a time consuming process. In such a scenario, we play an influential role when it comes to choosing software licensing options.

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Our Tech Stack

We use suitable technologies to help startups and enterprises build scalable solutions.

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