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Java has been the number 1 or 2 most popular language basically since its creation in the mid-90s. Many of the world’s biggest companies use Java to build desktop apps and backend web systems

Basic Coding and Web Development

Intro to Coding.
Coding for non-coders

Deciding to learn a programming language can seem pretty daunting. That’s why this course is a good place to begin your journey—it’ll show you the basic concepts you need to know and give you that background knowledge so you can tackle coding ...
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Develop Web Applications using
HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

Developing Web Applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript course will teach you how to code application logic in web applications using JavaScript and how to create HTML5 pages to parse and send data using HTML5 forms.
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Java SE

Intro to Java -
Java Fundamentals

Entry-level course is aimed at programmers who are new to Java and who need to learn its concepts, language constructs, and data types. Included in the agenda are topics on exception handling, lambda expressions, and modular programming.
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Certification Preps exams

Skilled Java Developers are in demand and will remain in demand. Java SE continues the evolution of the Platform to ensure the broadest possible success of the core Java technology by substantially streamlining it's footprint and improving the expressiveness...
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Java SE APIs -
Java Programming

This is a second-level course for programmers learning the Java language. It rounds-out the topics that were taught in the previous course, Intro to Java (Java Fundamentals) , and provides additional key skills for Java programmers, such as secure coding, modular programming, and database access.
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Certification Preps exams

A certified individual proves tremendous fluency in Java SE and acquisition of the valuable professional skills required to be a Java software developer. This includes a deep understanding of object-orientation, functional programming through lambda expressions and streams, and modularity.
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Java EE

Java EE: Back-end
Application Development

This training helps you how to build and deploy enterprise applications that comply with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Full Profile. Learn to develop applications with the following technologies: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), JDBC, Java Transaction API (JTA), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), Java Message Service (JMS), Bean Validation, Batch API, Timer services, Java EE Concurrency and more.
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Java EE: Front-end Web
Application Development

This training helps you explore building and deploying enterprise applications that comply with the Java Platform, EE 7 Web Profile. Explore annotations, Session Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB-Lite), Java Persistence API (JPA), servlets, JavaServer Pages(JSPs), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), JAX-RS RESTful web services, the Java API for WebSocket and the Java API for JSON processing.
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Intro to Java Enterprise Edition
Application Development

You will start with an introduction to the Web and Java HTTPServlets, then move into learning more about HTTPServlets and parameters. You will learn about Java Server Pages (JSP), such as including directive and comments, page directive import and scripting, and declarations and page directive sessions.
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Customers reviews

Excellent explanations and amount of course work for practice, the tests made good use of the examples and work given, I am satisfied with what I learned in this course and see it's real world usage.
Linette Nkala
Excellent !! As a beginner I found this course a major kick-start to building a strong base for my Java skills. A lot of practice needed though, but these videos would keep me going well
Brian Manyama
I learned a great deal, even though I already read a book on Java. This is a good course to brush up on the Java coding language. This one helped with Java coding.
Nkosinathi Mthembu
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